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Have Your Say Without a Neighbourhood Plan, in future we will not have:

  • any say on land development in the parish.
  • any say on where houses should be built.
  • any say on how many or what kind of houses should be built, or for whom.
  • any means to protect our valued "green spaces" such as the Playing Field or the Croft.
  • any way to protect our village centre from harm by development.
  • any way to say what development we think is appropriate and shape what our village looks like for future generations.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be our only means of influencing future planning if the government follows up its latest White Paper proposals (see under Latest News). We will have no right as villagers to object to planning applications and be heard by the planners. PLEASE GET INVOLVED

This Plan is work in progress. It can only move forward successfully with your ideas as well.
You have come to this site because you care about preserving our heritage and making sure that in future Boxford develops in a way that improves the quality of life for all of us in this wonderful village.

These pages are our earliest thoughts on what should be in the Plan. As our ideas (and yours!) develop over the coming months, we shall regularly add new material for you to consider. Please come back regularly and ask your family and friends to share their ideas with us too. This Plan will only be adopted if the village supports it and at a later stage there will need to be a referendum. Everyone needs to take part and own it. You will find contact details in the right hand panel for you to give us your thoughts. We need to hear from you.

In normal circumstances we would be holding drop-ins and exhibitions now, but Covid-19 restrictions currently prevent this means of engagement and consultation. This site is at present our only way of talking with you other than through the Boxford Noticeboard on Facebook

David Burden (Co-Chair)
Hugh Phillips ( Co-Chair)
Andrew Good
Roger Loose
Contact us at:

Please take a few minutes to add your voice to the plan and complete our online questionnaire.