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A Vision for Boxford up to 2036

"Our vision for up to 2036 is that Boxford village, together with Stone Street, Calais Street and Hagmore Green will continue to be a desirable place to live, work and play

Station Field

A place with appropriate market and affordable housing to meet the needs of the thriving community, with safe pedestrian routes, green spaces and a high quality built environment which maintains and enhances the rural character of the village and its surrounding hamlets."


  1. To protect the character of the Conservation area and village infrastructure from unacceptable new development
  2. To support development that ensures safe vehicular and pedestrian access to the village centre
  3. To encourage new sustainable housing growth that is future proofed against climate change
  4. To provide for housing growth of all tenures and sizes to meet the needs of the current and future generations
  5. To support new development that is well designed and of a high quality, that enhances the rural setting and character of the individual settlements within the Parish
  6. To protect important views and the scenic beauty of the wider landscape setting of the open countryside
  7. To enable the creation of a village car park
Rules Yard
Daking Avenue


1. Does this vision match with your wishes and aspirations for Boxford? Yes/No/Partially
2. The aim of the objectives is to guide development proposals and protect what is good about Boxford. Do these match your wishes and aspirations? Yes/No/Partially
3. How could we improve the vision and objectives if you answered no or partially to the above?

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