The Suffolk Chronicle
15 August 1812

A gentleman, at Boxford, aged 33, has purchased, from the foundery at Coggeshall, an iron coffin, which weighs 6.5cwt., and is cast to fit him. He exhibits, with much satisfaction, his "last home" to any persons who call upon him; and assures them, that care is taken, to have 2£.'s worth of bread distributed to the poor of the parish on the day in which he shall become a permanent occupier. One of his visitors, whose situation in life compels him to concern himself more about his body before than after death, uttered, on the occasion, the following extemporaneous effusion:-
Whilst I a Box to live in seek,
And strive with care for daily bread,
How strange! another's care bespeak
A Box to rest in when he's dead.

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