The Citizen
14 October 1936

Southend Bench yesterday heard a new excuse for speeding.
George ("Tornado") Smith, of the Kursaal, Southend, said that since Easter he had been riding on "the wall of death" at 60 miles an hour and had lost his sense of speed on the road.
He was stated to have travelled at 45 miles an hour in a car on the sea front.
He claimed that at 50 miles an hour he was safer on the road than 90 per cent of the "old women of both sexes" who drove at 15 miles an hour.
The fine was £5.

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Free Press & Post
18 July 1936

Mr "Tornado" Smith, of "Wall of Death" fame, who, with his wife has given demonstrations in Sudbury and Boxford, his native village, has a pet lamb as well as a lioness, and they are very good friends.
"Tornado" writes: "As you will notice, Briton has become a bosom pal to Sparky, the lamb. At the "light luncheon" party Briton was not eating mutton. A strange fact is, that lately, since making the acquaintance of Sparky, Briton refuses to eat mutton! Whether or not she is sensitive that way I do not know, but this peculiarity has made me dubious as to furthering my previous intention to introduce her to a cow, also a horse; I mean, should her sentiment be extended I might be having a fasting lioness on my hands!

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