Suffolk & Essex Free Press
20 May 1948

* HOUSEWIVES, exasperated with cleaning vegetables, should spare a thought for Mr. Walter Smith, of Howe Road, Groton, for he is scrubbing beetroot for a living. All last week he was occupied in taking beet from a clamp, scrubbing them and placing them in boxes ready for the London market. "I reckon I've done about a ton." he told us, "and there's several tons left to do yet. It's a rum job all right, and I've never done it before. It makes you a bit tired standing here scrubbing away all day because it's a different proposition to cleaning half a dozen beet from the garden." Uncle of the famous Tornado Smith, the wall of death rider, Mr. Smith has had quite an adventurous life himself. Joining the Army during the South African War, he saw service in India during his 24 years with the colours. But he's happy enough now working for Mr. J. R. Vipond at the Manor Farm, Groton.

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