East Anglian Daily Times
23 June 1998

"We haven't got a lot to moan about in Boxford," says one lifelong resident, and looking around this attractive and lively village it is not that hard to see what he means.

Numerous shops and businesses continue to thrive here, and the streets lined with picturesque buildings, are not empty silent in the almost sepulchral way you find in other comparable villages, but filled with the bustle of people going about their business.

A glance at the Boxford Newsletter, distributed free by the Boxford Community Council, gives some idea of the number of activities and events that take place in the village each week.

In recent weeks there has been a coffee morning in aid of Amnesty International, a Crazy Race night organised by the Boxford Bowls Club, a concert by Hadleigh Choral Society held in the parish church, a Call My Bluff evening, and a music hall evening.

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