Boxford - I'm seeking your support as your Parish Council Chairman. I, like my fellow Parish Councillors past and present, feel passionate about giving the Village a voice in Local Council matters. I, like others, take pride in our beautiful Village with a heart. We have a vibrant community, businesses and organisations all working hard to enhance village life.

At Boxford Parish Council, we are now down to only 4 members, which leaves 5 Vacancies. You will appreciate the considerable challenge involved operating with such low numbers and the likelihood of cancelled meetings as a result.
Our meetings are currently held by video conferencing, so you can participate from home. We work closely with village organisations and provide grants for important village services.

We are consulted on various matters affecting the quality of Village Life including Highways and Planning. The low numbers really limits our opportunity to pro-actively resolve and improve things important to the Village. So, if you ever think why can't the Council do something about .........? this is your opportunity to get involved.

A strong Parish Council representative of the whole community has huge benefits to the Village and you could play your part. If you would like to get more of an idea on what the role would involve, why not take a look at our meeting minutes.

If you feel you could contribute to your Parish Council team, please apply to the Clerk on Full training from the Association of Local Councils can be provided, so don't be put off by lack of direct experience. I urge you to step forward to make a real difference to our Village, the village that very much needs your support!!