A lovely gift to future generations


In 1998 a committee was formed to source a suitable site for Boxford's Millennium Wood.
Sue Bevan, Dave Gasson, Vic Rice, Fiona Bonny, Clive Ellis, Jennie Lindsley and Ian Lindsley. The committee organised fund-raising to buy the land. Then following the purchase, they organised tree planting, special features and maintenance of the site.

The 22 acre site was acquired by the Woodland Trust in 1998 after a successful local appeal organised by Boxford Woodland 2000. Over £28,500 was raised by more than 245 individuals and families in just 5 weeks!

Since 1998 the huge task of maintaining Primrose Wood has been undertaken by Vic Rice, David Gasson, Roger Loose and Tina Loose. They do all the back-breaking work of cutting the path, hedges, keeping the weeds down and managing the entire area. This purely voluntary work is all done for the benefit of Boxford residents and visitors to the village, so that everyone can enjoy the wood. If you would be interested in donating even a small amount of your time to help upkeep Primrose Wood please contact the team.