Three Parish Response has had another quiet year.
Over the last year we have covered 2642 hours out of a possible 8760 hours available which is just over 30%. We have had 35 emergency calls in that time.

We have set up training sessions with the Sudbury Group and the Elmsett Group and training is now on the second Friday of each month at The Royal British Legion, Cordell Street, Long Melford.

Recently the Ambulance Trust insisted that all First Responders should attend the course on Safeguarding. The aim is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for EEAST clinicians, staff and volunteers who come into contact with patients and/or carers and relatives, either in person or by telephone, to be able to understand and recognise what constitutes abuse and creates vulnerability, and to clearly understand their responsibilities on referring and the mechanism by which this is achieved.

We have carried out a number of basic life support demonstrations to interested groups and are willing to continue, a simple phone call to myself or one of our group is all that is required.

We are always happy to meet anyone who feels they would like to try responding and would ask them to contact us. At present we have only 3 community first responders so are always interested in anyone who would like to take it up.

We note that Edwardstone have purchased a Community Public Access Defibrillator and will be shortly installing it in the old telephone box at Mill Green.

Our annual service certificates record the hours each member has served on the rota in 2015 in excess of 500. These certificates are signed by the Parish Council Chairs of the three Parishes covered by 3PR and are presented in appreciation of the time given to this worthwhile service to the community. This year two responders exceeded the 500 hours duty those being Jasmine Lait with 790 hours and Elisabeth D'Astur with 1517 hours. Congratulations to the both of them.