In Boxford we have 'a village of outstanding importance to the nation' which is why the county designated much of the village a Conservation Area. The Boxford Society aims to preserve the character of the village and its historic and architectural heritage. We constantly monitor planning applications and try to ensure that new developments are in keeping with the character of the village - an increasingly difficult task. We fully support the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan which will give legal weight to the views of the people who live in the village.

We hold two meetings each year to which we invite speakers with specialist knowledge of history, architecture and social development of the village, the county and East Anglia in general - we certainly have a rich history on our doorstep! We also arrange a Summer Outing to a place with a significant history.

On Tuesday 10 th August 2021, we have arranged a Walking Tour of Clare with Josie Watson, a Blue Badge Guide. Although Clare is the smallest town in Suffolk it has a rich history with over 130 listed buildings. It will be an interesting morning in a delightful place followed by lunch in a local hostelry. On Friday 8th October we have invited Sarah Partridge, an expert in medieval building restoration, to talk to us about the project she led recently in Stone Street. This talk will be followed by our AGM.

Roger Loose, one of our long-standing members has recently completed a comprehensive history of Boxford and his book, Boxford through the ages: A New History will be launched on Thursday 8th July at 2pm in the Village Hall as part of the drop-in exhibition about the Neighbourhood Plan. If you cannot get to the exhibition which will be there not only on Thursday but also on Friday 9th July from 8am to 8pm, then you can either contact Roger on or ring him on 01787 211538 or order it online here.

Membership is just £3 Family, £2 Individual, £1 Pensioner. These low priced subscriptions are intended to encourage as many people as possible to join us. However, we do welcome any donations in addition to the subscription as we have expenses to cover eg fees for speakers, affiliation to the Suffolk Preservation Society and subscription to the Campaign to Protect Rural England - we would prefer to remain solvent!

If you are interested in joining us for interesting talks, stimulating outings and would like to support the preservation of Boxford's character whilst recognising the need for the village to change and develop sympathetically please contact Jen Eastwood on or call 01787 211853.

Boxford Society
The doorway to 20 Broad Street with its superb 18th Century scroll-bracketed entrance canopy.