The Box River News was started in August 2000 following the establishment of the Box River Benefice consisting of Boxford, Edwardstone, Groton, Little Waldingfield and Newton Green. The newsletter is delivered free to all households within the Benefice.

Previously the Boxford Newsletter had been published by the Boxford Community Council together with Church Newsletters from the other parishes - all of which were running at a considerable loss. Following the Retirement of the Boxford editor, Eddie Kench put forward a proposal to the then vicar, Richard Titford and John Wiltshire the then Chairman of the Boxford Community Council to amalgamate all the newsletters and to publish a single, monthly community newsletter for the new Benefice.

Eddie Kench has lovingly published the BRN since the first issue in August 2000, making this year its 21st year! To date, approximately 446,400 copies of the BRN have been printed!
The Box River News is self-supported by local advertising and is published at no cost to the Benefice itself.

All editions available digitally are provided here for posterity and research. Please contact us for more information.


The Blooming Garden, Love Local! Nettle Knowhow, The Little Ginger Bee Company, The May Letter From Father Rob, Calvacade on the Croft, Boxford WI, Hadleigh & Boxford Patient Participation Group, Citizens Advice Bureau, Boy Teddy Part 6 - 1945, Soap Box, French's Care Haven, SCC Local Elections 2021, Feedback from James Finch, Feedback from Bryn Hurren, Ollie's News From Sesaw, SbN Wins 'Ultimate' Award in Golf Industry Oscars, News From Kersey School, Presents from the Past, Restaurants Reopen at SbN, EACH need you, Boxford Rovers Return! Hole in One! SbN Ladies in Winning Form, SbN Men's Results.

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Boxford River News May 2021


Paranormal Investigations, Please Help Us To Protect Our Countryside, The Blooming Garden - The Primrose Path, Boxford WI Update, Woodlands Nursery Opening at Kersey Mill, The April Letter From Father Rob, Citizens Advice Bureau - Postal Issues, Hadleigh & Boxford Patient Participation Group, French's Care Haven, Kenny's News From Sesaw, An Appeal To Dog Owners, Boy Teddy Part 5 - 1944, Soap Box, Leave the Couch to the Potatoes, Feedback From James Finch, Feedback From Bryn Hurren, Presents From The Past, Springtime Opening - Easter Treats & Great Dining Options at SbN, 3PR Spring News, Learn Laugh & Live With Sudbury u3a, Newton Community Allotment, SbN Golf Is Reopening, The Mental Health Benefits of Golf, Boxford Rovers Ready To Return.

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Boxford River News April 2021


In Memoriam - Edward Alfred Kench 1936-2021
Boxford Neighbourhood Plan - A thank you and more to do, The March Letter from Father Rob, Citizens Advice Bureau - Coronavirus Scams, Sunday roasts to your door, Hadleigh & Boxford Patient Participation Group, French's Care Haven, Boy Teddy Part 4 - 1943, By The Way, Feedback from James Finch, Feedback from Bryn Hurren, Presents from the Past, Gardening in March, Local organic fertiliser, Kenny's news from Sesaw, From the editor.

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Boxford River News March 2021


February 2021

The editor apologises but the February 2021 issue of the BRN is cancelled due to Covid-19 illness. The March 2021 issue is planned for publication as normal.


A Very Merry Christmas and a Happier and Healthier New Year to you all
CAB January's Advice Page, St Mary's Cookbook, Box River Benefice Vacancies, Boxford Bounty Update, Newton's New Outdoor Leisure Facilities, Weavers Green Latest: Planning Permission Granted, 'Boy Teddy' Part 3 A Wartime Christmas, Hadleigh & Boxford PPG, Boxford Neighbourhood Plan Emerging Policy Ideas.

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Boxford River News January 2021