The Box River News was started in August 2000 following the establishment of the Box River Benefice consisting of Boxford, Edwardstone, Groton, Little Waldingfield and Newton Green. The newsletter is delivered free to all households within the Benefice.

Eddie Kench lovingly published the BRN since the first issue in August 2000, making this year its 22nd year! Sadly Eddie passed away in early 2021 from Covid-19 and has now been succeeded as editor by Trudi Wild, whom he had been coaching to take over from him for a number of years prior.

To date, approximately 462,600 copies of the BRN have been printed!
The Box River News is self-supported by local advertising and is published at no cost to the Benefice itself.

Content and advertising submissions for publication are gladly received.
The deadline is usually the 15th of each month for inclusion in the next issue.

All editions available digitally are provided here for posterity and research. Please contact us for more information.


Carols 'Round The Tree... ...And 'Round The Houses, Edwardstone Neighbourhood Plan, Footpath Re-opens, Themes From The Movies At St. Mary's, Newton Fireside Club, Chase Away The Chilblains, Suffolk Medical & Beauty Clinic, Hadleigh Boxford Group Practice Year in Review, 3PR Annual Awards, The January Letter From Father Rob, Early December Round-Up, Mr Page Says Goodbye, FoBS Festive Fayre, Kenny's News From SESAW, Stories From Boxford Society Village Archive - Boxford Pubs Part 2, Citizens Advice, Covid-19 Booster Vaccines, Brian Tora's Soap Box, Feed Our Feathered Friends, Ebony's Diary, Burghers of Boxford, SbN Seniors Section, Ferriers Barn Trophy, Thrills, Spills & Splashes! Parish Council Updates, Feedback from James Finch, Feedback from Bryn Hurren, The Blooming Garden Chic Sheds.

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Boxford River News January 2022