Anger at plan for Boxford

Suffolk Free Press
05 March 1970

Anger at County Council plans for the development of Boxford was expressed at a meeting of the Parish Council on Monday night.

The anger was expressed when there was a long discussion on the recent report prepared by the West Suffolk Planning Department on the future development of the county.

In this report Boxford is classified as a village where limited areas of land may be released for housing in a phased programme of development taking into account the varying factors relating to the village as set out in the report.

Some of the members present were highly critical of development plans already approved and doubted whether the village could provide for such a large increase in population without affecting the character of what the report describes as "a village of outstanding importance and a proposed conservation area".

The chairman explained, however, that the county council is the planning authority and criticism of the present plans could have little effect at this late hour.

On the subject of a Boxford by-pass, Mr. Clark said that though the intention was to construct one he doubted if it would materialise for some time to come.

The clerk informed the meeting that he had prepared an estimate of expenditure for the next financial year amounting to £370, and the chairman stated that a rate of 3d. had been fixed for Boxford by the rural district council.

This with a 2s. 4d. rate for Cosford and a 10s. 6d. rate for West Suffolk, meant a total rate of 13s. 1d., an increase of 5d.

The rector, the Rev. H. V. Koop, drew attention to the state of the ditch between the closed churchyard and the school playing field.

This, he said, badly needed cleaning out and added that he spoke with feeling as he had recently fallen in to it.

The meeting, whilst expressing their sympathy with the rector, agreed that the ditch in question was none of their business and asked the clerk to refer the matter to the county council.

The usual complaints about street lighting were once more in evidence. The Ellis Street estate is still waiting and the control of the village lighting in general obviously requires investigation.

The lights are frequently on in the day time, it was reported, whilst there is an absence of illumination at night.

Regarding public rights of way and signposting, the chairman informed the meeting that the county council was prepared to supply the signposts but the parish council would have to meet the cost. It was agreed to decline the offer for the time being.

Anger at plan for Boxford