Suffolk Free Press
14 December 1967

Mr. A. T. Dunn who represents the village of Boxford on the West Suffolk County Council, was present at the quarterly meeting held in the Village Hall on Monday, December 4.

Mr. T. C. Clerk was in the chair and there was a full attendance of members.

Arising out of the minutes of the previous meeting, the chairman reported that he had had an interview with the County Surveyor's deputy and several matters were discussed. He gained the impression that if the money is available, a Boxford by-pass may be constructed in the early seventies and a general idea of the route it would take was in the minds of the department. It is possible that some means of eradicating the right angled bend at Calais Street corner may be found before the provision of a by-pass. The construction of a footpath from Calais Street corner to the centre of the village was also mentioned and Mr. Clark was advised to put in writing the Parish Council's views on the matter. The County Surveyor's department was also reminded of the undertaking given that a footpath would be provided between the Church and the top of Boxford Lane - it was understood that this had been included in the 1966/67 programme - and the cutting back of the bank at Homefield to improve the visibility at the entrance to the estate was still considered a matter of urgency.

There was a general discussion on these matters, and it was pointed out that the bridge over the river in the centre of the village was a hazard both to vehicles and to pedestrians. Articulated lorries and other vehicles of abnormal length were obliged to cross the white guide line to negotiate the bridge and from a pedestrian point of view, it was agreed that a footbridge was essential. It was decided to incorporate all these views in a letter to the County Surveyor's department stressing their urgency.

It had been suggested at the last meeting that a bus shelter was necessary at Calais Street Corner but the Bus Company did not agree. It was therefore decided to obtain estimates of the cost of a shelter, one of the stipulations being that it should be capable of being moved to a new site should the alignment of the road be altered.

The state of the road surrounding Whitestreet Green came in for criticism and it was stated that the County Council was in communication with the contractors responsible for the laying of the sewers on this matter.

An invitation had been received to suggest names for the internal roads on the new Cox Hill estate. It was eventually decided to suggest Brook Hall Road for the main road, and Holbrook Road and Marsh Road for the secondary roads. These name perpetuated names association with the site in the past.

The sub-committee appointed to examine Boxford street lighting recommended six more lights - one additional light in Homefield, one in Swan Street near the Congregational Chapel, one in Church Street at the entrance to the road leading to the surgery and three in Boxford Lane. The report was accepted with the addition of another light in Butchers Lane.

The chairman then invited Mr. Dunn to address the Council. Mr. Dunn expressed his pleasure at being present and outlined the committees - mostly educational - on which he was serving. He was also a member of the County Planning Committee and the Countryside Committee. He had already completed a survey of two of the villages in his constituency and had been instrumental in the removal of a number of road hazards. He hoped he might be able to assist Boxford in a similar manner. The chairman, in thanking Mr. Dunn for his attendance and offer of assistance, said the Council might well as Mr. Dunn for his help in the provision of the footpath from Calais Street and the footbridge over the river.