Boxford appoints play field managers

Suffolk Free Press
11 May 1967

A public meeting called by Boxford Community Council was held last week to appoint a committee of management for the playing field recently acquired. Attendance was somewhat disappointing but there was no lack of interest among those who were there in the plans for the development of the field.

The Trust Deed approved by the Department of Education and Science restricts the size of the committee to 13 and the following were unanimously elected: Mr. P. Kingsbury, Mr. John Boyle, Mrs. M. Tricker, Mr. A. C. King, Mr. Len Meetings, Mr. Ken Jarman and Mr Cecil Hughes.

Representing the Community Council, Mr. Ralph Tugman; Boxford Parish Council, Mrs. Tarbet; village hall committee, Mr. Colin Parr, school managers, Mr. Peter Lowe; Boxford Bowls Club, Mr. Percy Fletcher; Boxford British Legion, Mr. W. Lee.


The newly formed committee elected Mr. Ralph Tugman as chairman-treasurer, Mr Philip Kingsbury as vice chairman, and Mr. Colin Parr as secretary.

A small sub-committee was formed to study the proposed lay-out of the field and report back to the main committee, and once the layout was agreed, the committee should split up into a number of planning teams to decide the steps to be taken to bring the field into use.

These planning teams would be given power to co-opt so that all those interested would have a chance to help plan the facilities likely to be required.

It was reported that Cosford R.D.C. had offered to provide the materials for the construction of the access road.


Provided voluntary labour is forthcoming, the original estimate for this work is unlikely to be exceeded in spite of the fact that a higher standard of construction is now required than was contemplated when the estimate was made.

As regards finance, it was reported that with the aid of the grants from the Department of Education and Science in West Suffolk County Council, and the loan from the Playing Fields Association, there would be sufficient funds available to complete the purchase of the field and carry out all the preliminary work on it, but it was essential to continue fund raising activities if they are to develop and equip the field satisfactorily.

Many donations have been received from, not only Boxford people, but also from friends in the neighbouring villages, and it is hoped that the field will be of benefit to them as well as to Boxford.


One of the principal sources of income is the "little Ernie" weekly draw which is growing in popularity. The promoter would like to see more subscribers present at the village hall at noon on Saturdays when the draw takes place, as this might have the effect of increasing their number.