British Legion

Suffolk Free Press
15 January 1970

The monthly meeting of the Boxford branch took place on Friday, January 9, at the White Hart, Boxford. There was a good attendance of members. Mr. Jack Saunders, the vice-chairman, conducted the proceedings in the absence of Mr. J. A. Stedman, who was absent owing to sickness.

The main business centred round the resignation of Mr. Arthur Smith who had acted as honorary secretary for the past four years. Many tributes to his energy and efficiency were paid and the difficulty of replacing him was appreciated. However after considerable discussion it was agreed to split the work up amongst a number of members so that no one would be carrying too great a burden. Mr. J. Saunders agreed to be responsible for the receipt and considerartion of correspondence: Mr. R. Tugman agreed to record the minutes; Mr. W. Simpson accepted responsibility for the organisation of the annual whist drive, including the collection and acknowledgment of prizes, etc.; and it was hoped that another member would undertake all the duties connected with the parade and service on Remembrance Sunday.

Mr. Smith, the retiring secretary, brought up the matter of the vast amount of literature and correspondence that had accumulated during the past years and it was agreed that this should be gone through and anything which had ceased to be of importance should be destroyed.

The honorary treasurer told the meeting that the proceeds of the whist drive held on the Saturday before Christmas amounted to £48 16s. as against £62 last year. It was agreed that this was attributable to the influenza epidemic and the bad weather experienced on that particular night. It was agreed to send a cheque for £5 to the Women's Branch in recognition of all the work done by the ladies in providing refreshments and their help in general.

The next branch meeting was fixed for Friday, February 6, at the White Hart.

British Legion