Funeral of Edith Grimwood

Suffolk Free Press
15 January 1970

The death occurred recently in Sudbury of Mrs. Edith May Grimwood, of Swan Street, Boxford. She was 73.

Mrs. Grimwood was born in Stoke-by-Nayland and moved with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Richardson, to Edwardstone Post Office when she was still very young. She was married in 1917 to Mr. Harry Grimwood whose father had established a general store in Stone Street.

All her married life was spent in Swan Street where she opened a similar store to that of her father-in-law, the two businesses being combined when he died.

Mrs Grimwood's husband died in 1957 after a long illness.

Her life in Boxford was a busy one. She not only directed the business most efficiently but also found time to support every good cause - religious or secular - which appealed for her help.

As a child she had walked from Edwardstone regularly to attend the Boxford Congregational Church and continued all her life to take a leading part in its administration and activities. She was treasurer of the church, president of the Sisterhood, a keen member of the Mothers' Union and the British and Foreign Bible Society and many other associations.

She was most generous in her support of any cause with the aim of improving the amenities of the village and invariably tried to do so inconspicuously. She endeared herself to all with whom she came in contact and the village will not be the same without her.

Mrs. Grimwood leaves two married sons - Mr. Harry and Mr. Dan Grimwood, and a daughter - Mrs. Eveline Fletcher - and eight grandchildren.

The funeral was held at the Congregational Church, Boxford on Saturday and was conducted by the Rev. G. Sydenham.

Members of the family present included: Mr. H. Grimwood and Mr. D. Grimwood (sons), Mrs. E. Fletcher (daughter), Mrs. H. Grimwood and Mrs. D. Grimwood (daughters-in-law), Mr. P. Fletcher (son-in-law), Mrs. G. Spence (sister), Mr. G. Richardson (brother), Mrs. L. Richardson (sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. M. Grimwood, Miss. W. Grimwood, Miss. Y Grimwood, Mr. R. Grimwood, Mr. R. Fletcher, Miss. S. Fletcher, Miss. A. Grimwood, Mr. C. Grimwood (grandchildren), Mr. W. Glynn, Miss. S. McKenna, Mr. P. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Minter, Mr. and Mrs. G. Webb, Mrs. N. Copsey, Mr. and Mrs. R. Richardson, Mr. O. Grimwood, Mr. B. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. T. Packard, Mr. R. Richardson (also rep. Mr. Reg Richardson), Mr. and Mrs. Plampin, Mr. Blewitt, Mr. W. Hurrell, Mr. F. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Irving and Mr. F. Whymark (also rep. Mrs. A. Whymark).

Others present included: Mrs. Pywell, Mrs. E. Fletcher, Mrs. E. Eccles, Mrs. F. Younger, Mr. E. A. Clarke, Mrs. L. D. Hoper, Miss. J. Mowles, Mrs. Sydenham, Mrs. C. Knewell (also rep. Mr. Knewell), Mr. V. Whymark, Mr. J. Whymark, Mr. E. Betts (also rep. Hadleigh Congregational Church Choir), Mrs. G. Meekings, Mrs. R. Meekings, Mrs. W. Barham, Mrs. M. Peachey, Mr. G. Peachey, Mr. A. Butcher (also rep. Mr. E. M. Butcher), Mrs. Devaux, Mrs. D. Tricker, Mrs. R. Marriott, Mrs. R. Trimbee, Mrs. A. Wadkins, Mr. and Mrs. K. Read, Mrs. V. Tricker, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tricker, Mrs. K. Stacey, Mrs. P. Carter, Mrs. E. Spooner, Miss. E. Bowers, Mrs. S. Rice, Mr. E.F. Clarke, Miss. E. M. Baker, the Rev and Mrs. H. Koop, Mrs. D. Skinner, Mr. and Mrs. R. Moody (also rep. Mrs. N. S. Rule), Mr. and Mrs. P. Bird, Mr. E. and Mr. R. Richardson, Mrs. N. Gower, Mr. R. Elmer (also rep. Riddelsdell's Garage), Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gillingwater, Mr. E. F. Whymark, Mr. and Mrs. R. Abrey, Mr. A. E. Richardson, Mrs. D. Sore, Mr. and Mrs. D. Rose, Lady Cull, Mrs. G. Jones, Mrs. R. Tricker, Mrs. E. King, Mrs. A. Rayner, Mrs. E. Leeder, Mrs. O. Grimwood, Mr. R. Kingsbury, Mr. and Mrs. Colbourne, Mrs. Gunn, Mr. and Mrs. J. Parr, Mrs. W. Ward, Mrs. R. Eley, Miss. D. Cardy, Mrs. E. Cardy, Mrs. F. M. Prescott (also rep. Colonel Prescott and family), Mr and Mrs. F. G. Stevenson, Master R. Grimwood, Mrs. D. G. Smith, Mrs. E. F. Long, Mrs. S. M. Nottage (also rep. Wing Commander G. R. Nottage), Mr. and Mrs. L. Meekings, Mr. and Mrs. V. Whymark, Mrs. G. Riddleston (also rep. Groton Women's Institute), Mr. R. Partridge, Mrs. K. N. Sharp, Miss E. A. Hitchcock (Christchurch, Sudbury), Mr. and Mrs. C. Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. G. Webb, Mrs. M. Riddleston, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Rule, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Storer, Mr. and Mrs. P. Rose, Mr. and Mrs. C. Ince, Mr. and Mrs. P. Kinsbury, Mr. W. Bloss Kingsbury, Mrs. Faulkner (also rep. Mothers' Union), Mr A. C. King, Mr. R. Fletcher (also rep. Mrs. Campbell), Mr. and Mrs. L. Bloomfield, Major and Mrs. Gaussen, Mr. R. Richardson, Mr. B. Richardson, Mr. C. R. Grimwade, Mr. H. J. Smith, Mr. Arthur Smith (also rep. Mrs. Smith), Mrs. A. Strahan, Mr. J. Downes (Fleece Hotel), Mr. and Mrs. C. Smith, Mr. R. E. Tugman (also rep. Mrs. Tugman and Mrs. Billington).

Funeral of Edith Grimwood