'Opportunity Boutique' helps Sue Ryder fund

Suffolk Free Press
05 March 1970

Mrs. Swan, of Boxford, is well known for her work for Sue Ryder Foundation and acts as Chairman of the Cavendish Home Support Group. Her Sudbury market stall contributes a weekly income to this splendid charity and on Friday, February 27, she organised a special 'Opportunity Boutique and Hat Bar' at Boxford House, the home of Doctor Conrad and Lady Hilda Swan.

Some 175 friends of the Sue Ryder Home for concentration camp survivors and other war victims attended. They came from all over Suffolk and Essex and good-heartedly jostled each other to obtain the bargains of their choice, with the result that the funds will benefit by approximately £250. The proceeds will be used for the re-decoration of the bedrooms of the patients resident in the Home and also for general improvements to the kitchen and there amenities.

Mrs. Swan and the hostess, Lady Hilda Swan, received much willing assistance. Lady Greaves and Mrs. Jill Hilder looked after finance; Mrs. Pettitt Clark, Mrs. Leslie McQuhae, Mrs/ Livock and Mrs. Jean Martin were responsible for the Salon; Mrs. Anne Austin and Mrs. J. White attracted many satisfied customers to their Easter Bonnets stall, whilst Mrs. J. FitzPatrick and Mrs. A. Kelsey White ran a most successful raffle.

Refreshments for so many supporters must have presented quite a problem but coffee and luncheons were served to the company by Mrs. B. Tweed, Mrs. E. Butler, Mrs. Devaux and Mr. Hugh Collard, and everyone appeared to be well satisfied.

'Opportunity Boutique' helps Sue Ryder fund