Patient marries his nurse

Suffolk Free Press
14 December 1967

A hospital romance which seemed like a refugee from the celluloid world of Hollywood reached its real-life climax at Groton church on Thursday.

Walter Simpson could not settle down or stick to one job, but was friendly with everyone. So it was little wonder that when he had to spend many long weeks in Anglesea Road Wing off Ipswich and East Suffolk Hospital, after being badly injured in a road accident, he soon made friends with the pretty nurses who attended him.

However, one of these nurses merited as much attention from Walter as she gave him in her professional capacity. The result of the mutual attention and friendship, which soon blossomed to love, was their marriage at Groton last week.

After many months in hospital the doctors decided the only course was to amputate above the knee of his leg which was injured when he was knocked down by a motor-cycle.

But out of the pain and distress that this brought him came happiness too. For during this very lengthy stay in hospital he and student nurse Diane Rose Not fell in love.

The bridegroom's greatest friend in Groton, Tim Wood, who keeps the Fox and Hounds, gave away Miss Not, who wore a simple dress of white lace over silk with a semi-train and shoulder length veil.

Diane has just finished her training and passed all the examinations to make her a fully qualified S.R.N., an occupation she intends to continue after their short honeymoon.

Her father was killed in the war, but her mother, Mrs. Gladys Not, who is at present in Heath Road Hospital, Ipswich, was allowed to attend the wedding.

Walter whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Simpson live at 2 The Street, Groton, has been given a new purpose in life, and soon after they return from honeymoon he is to be reassessed to see what occupation is most suited to him, and then he will receive appropriate training.

Tim Wood and his wife provided the reception, which was held at the Fox and Hounds. Best man was Walter's friend Mr. Melvyn Swethaham, and the ceremony was conducted by the Rev. Brian Bird.

After the honeymoon is over the couple are to make their home at 32 Ellis Street, Boxford.