Progress was not all they had hoped

Suffolk Free Press
23 April 1970

Chairman of Boxford Playing Field managment committee, Mr. Ralph Tugman, told a somewhat disappointing attendance at the annual meeting that progress in the past year had not been particularly satisfactory.

Mr. Tugman said that although the field had had considerable use, progress had not been particularly satisfactory.

He mentioned delay in providing a football pitch for the juniors and the need for more supervision over the use of the temporary hut which had been provided as a changing room and store pending the building of a pavilion.

He said that the promise of a grant for this purpose from the Ministry was most gratifying and hoped that confirmation would be received in the very near future.

As for further plans, he foresaw the need for an extension of the field in view of the expansion of the village, and expected that the community council would be offered the lease of an adjoining field.

Also, an attempt was being made to prepare two grass tennis courts that might serve until hard courts could be constructed.

Mr. Tugman said that the community council provided funds required for maintenance and development, but made it clear that those who used the field should contribute more to meet running costs.

Mr. Tugman said he felt the time had come for him to make way for a younger man and said he would not be standing for re-election as chairman. He thanked those devoted people who had kept the flag flying during the past year.

It was decided that the engagement of a part-time supervisor for the field should be investigated and Mr. Philip Kingsbury agreed to make inquiries.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jones were co-opted to the committee and the football club is to be asked to nominate a representative.

Mr. Gordon Jones was elected treasurer in the place of Mr. Roger Stedman, who had resigned.

Progress was not all they had hoped