They played table tennis for 50 hours

Suffolk Free Press
15 January 1970

For 50 hours last weekend, six lads, members of the Boxford Youth Club, kept a game of table tennis going continuously in the Village Hall.

This was part of the Youth Club's effort, devised and organised by themselves, to raise money for the Boxford Community Council Pavilion Building Fund and its success can be measured by the sum realised - no less that £130.

When the plan of the pavilion were displayed at the club, the members set themselves a target of £100 to be raised during 1970, and they are delighted that they have exceeded this in so short a time. The cheque will be presented to the Community Council at the village supper on Saturday week.

It is often alleged that young people of today are not prepared to help themselves and expect everything to be done for them but here is surely evidence to the contrary. It is also an instance where youth and maturity have combined; the youth providing the initiative and the energy and their elders providing the cash in appreciation.

During the hours of play, many spectators visited the hall - some at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning - and although conversation was somewhat restricted by the foreground music from the record player, there is little doubt that the visitors enjoyed themselves and their presence encouraged the players to keep on going.

The six stalwarts who battled so bravely for the 50 hours were - Jerry Gilbert, Andrew Sargeant, Trevor Simpson, Nigel Patrick, Alan Munson and Jeremy Munson, and mention must be made to the girl members who sustained their champions with cups of tea and coffee and other refreshments during their long and arduos task.

They played table tennis for 50 hours