An Alarm With Music

Suffolk & Essex Free Press
06 January 1949

Amongst the New Year greetings was one from an "old" friend, Tornado Smith, who is, as usual, hitting the headlines with novel notions. His latest idea is to install music boxes as bugler alarms in his new house!
As most of my readers know, Mr. G. W. Smith - to give him his off stage title - is a native of Groton, near Sudbury.
He once set up his 'Wall of Death' on Market Hill, and I believe Mr. Leslie Alston had pluck enough to be whirled round on the pillion of the motor-cycle.
But 'The Loop of Death,' featured a short time ago in the "Free Press," is his latest invention on which he thrills visitors to Southend-on-Sea.

Still stunting
As a stunt merchant, 'Tornado,' would be hard to beat, and recently he careered about on his 'Penny Farthing' bicycle dressed up as Santa Claus, with a front fork musical box accompaniment.
The movements of his musical box products he brought back on a recent visit to Switzerland.
'Tornado' has been granted a building licence, the site is chosen and burglar alarms will be concealed musical boxes at windows and doors, beneath door mats and stair treads.
To quote his own words:
"It is hoped that the attempted entry by an intruder may be frustrated greatly by tinkling music which will have a psychological effect of causing him to withdraw apologetically, with a moral tear on his cheek."