Another Skating Carnival at Boxford

Suffolk & Essex Free Press
28 January 1891

The last skating carnival at Boxford proving such a great success the promoters, Messrs. S. Scarfe, J. Burton and F. Dawson, wishful to gain further laurels, and fearing the ice was going, and that they might not have another chance, in all haste sent out notices on Thursday morning that another carnival would take place that night, the proceeds as before to be given to the relief fund for the unemployed. This kind and charitable object as before was heartily responded to by the inhabitants and made the ladies and gentlemen skaters very busy getting their costumes ready. Perhaps it would be interesting to know how it was done. To our thinking a number of the old relics that, perhaps, had not seen daylight for many a day as well as some new ones, must have been brought into requisition.

he proceedings commenced by a torch-light procession through the village by the gentlemen arrayed in various costumes, then to the Mill pond, the entrance gate to which was for some little time quite a lively scene, a large number awaiting admission. Mr. Thos. Smith with his usual liberality paid for a considerable number of his poorer neighbours, as well as giving 10s to the fund. The ice was prettily lighted up with lamps and Chinese lanterns, making quite a fairy scene, whilst there was a goodly number of skaters of both sexes present. The number was much larger than on the previous occasions, there being quite as many as the ice would fairly carry. The following are some of the principal costumes:-
Mrs. Thompson, early English costume; Dr. Thompson, Neapolitan fisherman; Miss C. Mann, a Knight; Miss A. Mann, Spanish Lady; Mr. H. Hart, policeman; Mr. Burton, a Turk; Mr. Brown, monthly nurse with the baby; Mr. F. Dawson, a n*gger; Mr. F. Kingsbury, Harlequin; Miss Trixie Morphett, English flower girl; Miss Winnie Dawson, Italian girl; Miss E. Dawson, a Nun; Messrs A. and P. Riddelsdell, in Highland costumes; Mr Frank Dawson, Mc-Nab; Mr. Stephen Scarfe, nurse maid; Messrs. F. and P. Medcalf, as two girls; Mr. A. Beare, Salvation girl; and many others in costumes for the occasion too difficult to describe.
It was a very enjoyable evening, the well-to-do mixing freely with their more humber neighbours, fraternising in carnival fashion with masquerade courtesy and geniality. Of course there were some little incidents, one Knight of the Anvil, after trying for some time, found a soft place on the ice, and he got in, but not being satisfied with the depth he was obliged to have a little roll in the water he had raised, so that he got a good wetting. One of our leading Agriculturists also fell through, and his immersion left him in a rather damp condition, not that he seemed to mind a bit, only we regret to add that some of the people laughed at the little mishap. There was music and dancing, and altogether the Boxford carnival passed off most jollily, the sport being kept up till near midnight with lots of fun and good humour, highly tot he credit and enterprise of the lovers of the ancient art of skating in good old Boxford.