British Legion

Suffolk Free Press
19 March 1970

The monthly meeting of the Boxford, Edwardstone, and Groton Branch of the British Legion was held on Friday last at the White Hart, Boxford. In the absence of Mr. J. A. Stedman the chair was taken by Mr. J. Saunders. There was a fair attendance of members.

Mr. J. Saunders reported that a joint meeting of the Entertainments Committee and members of the Women's Section recommended that a Social Evening should be organised for Saturday, April 25 in the Village Hall and that it should take the form of a Buffet Supper with dancing and games. The main aim was to attract new members to both sections and the price of the tickets was fixed at 5s. It was hoped to arrange for a bar. Mr. Saunders emphasised that this was not intended as a money raising effort; it was a 'Get-together' so that newcomers to the village might learn more about the activities of the branch and perhaps join it. The meeting wholeheartedly supported the suggestions and plans will go ahead.

Mr. J. Saunders and Mr. W. Simpson attended an 'E Group' meeting at Lavenham recently at which it was suggested that their next meeting on May 7 might be held at Boxford. It was agreed that an invitation should be sent to the Hon. Secretary of the Group at Stoke-by-Nayland and that arrangements for the meeting and entertainment of those who attend should be made.

Colonel Colvill gave a report on the Area Conference held last month at Cambridge. He said that the Conference heard a most impressive and inspiring speech from Mr. A. H. Markham, M.B.E., the chairman of the Membership Committee of the Legion, who urged that those who had service connections although they themselves had not served, should be invited to enrol as Associate Members in order that the magnificent work carried on by the Legion should be kept alive. Colonel Colvill also mentioned how greatly indebted the Conference was to the Earl of Stradbroke who, as chairman, conducted the business in an efficiant and charming manner.

Colonel Colvill was thanked for his report.

British Legion