He's At It Again!

Suffolk & Essex Free Press
12 July 1945

Guess who dropped in the other day? None other than our “old” friend Tornado Smith. And he’s doing his tornado stuff again. Mr. G. W. Smith, born at Boxford, has had varied experiences during the war. He wanted to Join the R.A.F. but that was a closed door to him. He had a spell with the Merchant Navy and knew what it was to be in convoy sail with U-boats prowling. He was to be a Commando — Tornado always looks for excitement and adventure. Then he found himself in the N.F.S. but didn’t find a lot of excitement while he served with those who waited for calls. Now he’s "out” again and what must he do but put up his famous Wall of Death at the Kursaal, Southend, where he careers round and round on his motor-cycle, with trick riding thrown in while spectators gasp. In April, Tornado rode his “ordinary,” with the Penny-Farthing Club from Big Ben to Blackheath, and the Pathe Gazette made a film which perhaps we shall see. Now Tornado is developing the idea that came to him during the war for another public thriller. I gather that it will be a daring loop-the-loop by motor-cycle or car. Some of the oak which will be used for the structure was grown in this district. Happy landings!