Parish Council

Suffolk Free Press
12 March 1970

Boxford Parish Council held their quarterly meeting on Monday. There was a full attendance of members and Mr. T. C. Clark was in the chair.

The clerk reported that he had so far received no definite reply to his inquiry regarding a way through from the Coxhill to Plumb Lane, but the matter was being discussed.

It was also reported that the Community Council had been granted planning permissio for the change of use of the Boxford Charities field from agriculture to recreation.

A Mr. Rollins - a newcomer to the village - was taking a great interest in the matter of rights of way and was hoping to found a branch of the Ramblers Society in Boxford. This was noted with interest.

Mrs. Prescott drew attention to the shocking state of the roads in West Suffolk which were, she said, the worst she had encountered when travelling through 11 counties to attend this meeting.

The Chairman replied that the Highways authority realised the state of the roads was below standard and was doing its utmost to remedy matters.

The council has been asked to advise the Parish Councils Association on the attitude of the village towards British Standard Time.

The chairman recalled that at the last parish meeting there was a large majority in favour of returning to British Summer Time and he felt that the council should take this as their guide.

The reason he suggested in support of this recommendation was that with British Standard Time the hours of daylight were not being used economically. The council agreed.

The council was reminded that the rural district and parish council elections would take place on May 9 and April 17 was nomination day.

A long discussion on the recent report prepared by the West Suffolk Planning Committee on the future development of the county took place.

Parish Council