Sunday Drinking At Boxford

East Anglian Daily Times
24 November 1900

At Boxford Petty Sessions, on Friday, before Dr. Palmer (in the chair), and E. B. Cook, Esq., John Prentice, William Gunn, and Arthur Griggs, labourers, Boxford, were charged with being on the licensed premises of the Compasses Inn, Boxford, on October 21st, at an unlawful hour. — Police-constable Double said he was outside the inn about half-past ten at night when he heard a voice inside say, "Drink up the beer; I'll be another pint." Someone appeared to leave the room and return. Witness knocked at the door, but it was locked. When he was admitted he saw the defendants, and asked Baker, the landlord, what they were doing there. He said they had had a horse and trap, and came to settle for it. He admitted that they had had beer, butt said he had "stood at." It was then five minutes to eleven. Witness saw the defendants drive into the town at ten minutes to ten. —Defendants said they would not have been on the premises if they had not had occasion to use Barber's horse and trap. They denied paying for beer. —Fined 5s., and 6s. 10d. costs each.