The Essex and Suffolk Hounds

Suffolk & Essex Free Press
28 January 1891

There was a capital meet of that famous pack, the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds at Boxford, on Monday, and what was more important still for all true fox hunters an abundance of foxes of the right sort, affording ample sport. A brace were brought down during the first half-hour, and at Edwardstone a brace - if not a leash - were afoot soon after the hounds were in covert. One of these afforded a run, "via" Townsend Wood, between Great and Little Waldingfield, to Crocker's Grove at Lavenham. After a two hours' run he saved his brush. The going was very heavy, and the banks extremely slippery; nevertheless, everybody enjoyed the day, and all voted it the best of the season. "Ah," says an old sportsman, "We always get a good run from Boxford."