Village Hall

Suffolk Free Press
29 January 1970

At a special meeting of the Boxford Village Hall Committee held on Monday, it was announced that the caretaker of the hall - Mrs. Crighton - had been obliged to resign owing to illness. The committee received this information with great regret and tributes were paid to the keen and conscientious manner in which she had carried out the work.

The chairman, Mr. J. Parr, reported that he had approached Mr. Reg Fletcher who, with his wife, had shared the duties of caretaker for many years previous to the appointment of Mrs. Crichton, and he had kindly consented to come out of retirement and take on the job again. This news was most welcome and the chairman was asked to make the necessary arrangements. The committee also expressed their thanks to Mrs. Pat Williams, the hon. secretary, who, with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Flood, kept things going during Mrs. Crichton's illness.

Mr. Oliver Grimwood told the meeting that he had carried out an examination of the hall and there were a number of items mostly of a minor nature, which required attention, but one item - a leak in the roof over the entrance lobby which might entail renewal of the roofing felt in that particular area. Mr. Grimwood was asked to put the necessary work in hand.

Members were reminded that a jumble sale was to be held in the hall on Saturday afternoon, January 31, and everyone was asked to help to make the event a success.

Village Hall