Village Hall

Suffolk Free Press
05 February 1970

The finances of a village hall may not present such problems as the Balance of Payments or the general economic situation, but, believe me, to make such a hall pay its way out of what it earns is a heck of a job. Put your prices up sufficiently to cover your running expenses and down go your hirings; put them down and you add to your debit balance.

The answer? Whist drives, socials, and most important of all - jumble sales - that's the only way to make the books balance.

Boxford is no exception to this rule, and it is only the dedicated few who, year after year, not only manage somehow to keep the hall solvent, but they even contrive to re-decorate, re-curtain, and generally improve the amenities.

Boxford people cannot resist a jumble sale, and the sale organised on Saturday was extremely well supported and the takings - £40 - will gladden the hearts of the committee.

Apart from jumble, there were cake stalls, 2s. parcels, and a white elephant stall, and, of course, teas and the usual raffle.

Mr. Parr, the chairman, and Mr. Ray Williams, the hon. treasurer, were everywhere where help was needed. The stallholders, Mrs. Platts, Miss Johnson, Lady Cull, Mrs. May Raynham, Mrs Pat Williams, Miss Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Grimwood, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs Tarbet, were all very busy, whilst Mrs. Fosker organised the raffle and Mrs. Parr presided over the kitchen and provided the tea.

Village Hall