Boxford man's print cartridge business determined to make mark with ink recycling mission

Suffolk Free Press
21 May 2019

When he started his business a decade ago, Boxford resident Daniel Moore had a clear vision that he wanted to provide not only the best printer ink cartridges on the market, but also to show customers that recycling pays.

And he proved this recently when his company, Office Beaver, which specialises in recycling and refilling printer ink cartridges, handed over a cheque for £78,000 to Children with Cancer UK.

Mr Moore's business collects empty HP and Canon ink cartridges and recycles them to prevent them going to landfill.

Daniel Moore from Beaver/Ink Jungle

Each recycled cartridge raises between £1 and £1.50, and his team has worked with schools, including Clare Primary School, and the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, St Helena's Hospice and the homeless charity Emmaus, which collect the cartridges for recycling cash.

He said: "We talk to charities about them promoting the service so that people know they can encourage people to donate empty print cartridges to raise money.

"Ink cartridges can be refilled up to five times and it saves air miles to recycle them because a lot of them are actually made in Asia. Recycling and reusing saves them having to be made and shipped in the first place.

They cost less to buy than original ones and reduce landfill, so it's a much greener way to buy."

The company is part of a group of businesses that also includes Ink Nation and Ink Jungle, which sell ink cartridge online.

Mr Moore, who previously worked for HP, started his business with £3,000. It now has a turnover of more than £7 million.

Having enjoyed a lot of success with its fundraising efforts, Office Beaver wants to reach a wider audience and collect and recycle even more ink cartridges.

Mr Moore also wants to educate people on products they are buying online to save them falling foul of unscrupulous traders.

He added: "I've created videos on YouTube under Ink Jungle to help people recognise different sizes when it comes to buying cartridges.

"Some customers are being lied to. We are an honest company and I want to educate people about issues like this."